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AWC Old Version History

3.0.7 - October 18, 2007

Bug fixes this time in logging functionality, logic for enabling save button after changing preferences and Splash screen updated to display logo correctly irrespective of font size settings. Thanks to Daven for Reporting

Beefed up logging functionality.

Added MINFILESIZE command line option. Will add to preferences screen sometime in the future. (Request by tommyslo)

Fixed left most screen positioning in tiled mode to use 0 instead of 1. Issue was hold over from when AWC was originally written and did not support tiling.

3.0.6 - September 23, 2007

Bug fix - Error on start up - File not found: msvbvm50.dll

3.0.5 - August 23, 2007

Added new splash screen and icon ('cos the old ones are rubbish). Graphics kindly designed and donated by Carlos Hernán Bisio.

Splash screen logic changed so that it displays alpha channel transparency and is displayed for 5 seconds irrespective of how quickly the wallpaper is changed at start up.

Added Minimise on close option so that the user can click on the close button and the program reacts as if they had clicked on the minimise button instead.

Added Pause on clear option. This ensures that if the user clicks on the Clear the desktop menu item, the change process will pause and will not display another image before the user is ready.

Added Use modified date option to date filtering. Normally filtering uses the created date for the file. Checking this option will cause the filter to use the modified date instead.

Bug fix. After redisplaying the previous wallpaper, attempting to edit or delete the picture would actually bring up the most recent pic instead.

Bug fix. Date filter command line properties were not always parsed properly.

3.0.4 - March 9, 2007

Boolean system settings are now stored in integer format in registry so that switching between locales with different languages doesn't cause an error on start up. (problem spotted by zestef)

Modified checking when Refresh desktop after editing option is selected so that no refresh takes place if the file is not actually changed.

Added Redisplay previous option to file menu. (request by Didier and daven)

Added Detect screen change option so wallpaper will be redisplayed if the screen resolution is changed.

Now using Inno Setup Compiler version 5 to create setup program. Should be Vista compatible.

Added command line setting to set the tray icon double-click option.

Changed the code for selecting your own program icon so the user does not need to restart the program for the change to take effect.

3.0.3 - Not released

Issued only as beta test version on support web site for testers to check some of the functionality changes.

3.0.2 - January 8, 2007

Fix to stop error if EXIF formatting in pic is not to standard.

Added option to allow AWC to change pic at end of timer period even if the screen is locked or the screen saver is displayed. (request (sort of) by GullyF)

Changed the way the timer operates if AWC is set not to change the picture if the screen is locked: It will now wait until the screen is unlocked and change immediately rather than waiting for the end of the next timer period. (request by daven)

Bug fix. Hours and seconds period setting were transposed so that selecting seconds actually gave you hours and vice versa.

Added /File command line option so user can specify a single file to display.

Huge update to command line options as promised back in June last year.

Tool tip that pops up from notification tray icon now shows the current file's full name and time remaining. (Request by nunpoom)

Worst fit option added. (Request by bryan)

3.0.1 - November 12, 2006

Added pause and restart to tray menu. (request by batfastad)

Added EXIF orientation recognition. (request by nic0)

Added the ability to detect when a user launched edit of a file is ended and redisplay the edited file on the desktop. (request by DasKraut)

Added version checking to help menu.

3.0 - June 23, 2006

Interface now fully XP compliant and reflects the current skin when running under XP.

User adjustable brightness, contrast and gamma correction.

Implemented multiple user selectable stretching algorithms for resizing the graphics to ensure best results depending on whether resizing up or down and on picture type.

Added invert option to effects.

Start and stop functionality changed to give better control. Renamed to Restart and Pause/Continue.

Layout of preferences screen changed to allow for new options.

Updated to use FreeImage V3.8.0

2.3.7 - April 2, 2006

New option to right justify the filename.

Global hot keys added.

When preserve file list and check for new files options are both selected earlier versions of AWC could generate a long delay when starting up on systems with a large number of picture files in the selected subdirectory. Now on launch AWC will simply display a file from the preserved list and will not perform any search for new until the next picture change when the delay should be less noticeable.

2.3.6 - Not released

2.3.5 - April 24, 2005

Added option to request confirmation before allowing the automatic change of the current wallpaper (request by Ladyborg).

Browse button added to make it easier to select an external editor.

Made changes to the way the filename can be displayed:

You can now suppress the display of the file extension (request by Roger Mitchell).

You can specify the font to use (request by Roger Mitchell).

Filename can be displayed with transparent background rather than requiring a solid colour.

2.3.4 - January 27, 2005

Added ability to set the colours used to display the current filename on the wallpaper.

Added clear wallpaper option to File menu and to the notification tray icon. This option resets all the wallpaper positioning info to the Windows defaults.

Updated splash screen to include 2005 in the copyright notice.

2.3.3 - January 07, 2005

Added /NOTRAYICON option (request by amorshc).

Changed the location of temporary and working files so that users do not need admin rights on the machine they are using. Fixes access violation error that was generated. (Bug reported by Fitzavig and rkbca).

Changed the way that the screen size is obtained before resizing images. Now uses GetSystemMetrics() API call instead of VB Screen object. I hope this will fix the problems reported by a few users (notably bob_hawk) where the wallpaper occasionally is resized to the wrong size. I've not been able to test whether this actually fixes the problem because I've never been able to reproduce it.

Updated to use FreeImage V3.5.3.

2.3.2 - November 11, 2004

Oops! Left a test message box in the command line parser at load time. Now fixed. Thanks to Twohead for spotting and persevering until I figured out what was going on.

2.3.1 - September 26, 2004

Modified filtering to allow you to display the most recent file in the selected directory. This allows users of web cams to display the newest capture on the desktop at each change. (request by cuibel. My thanks to Twohead too for all the help with testing)

2.3 - September 26, 2004

Added mirror tiling (request by Twohead).

Added some special effects processing. Pretty limited at the moment and the emboss function needs a bit more work.

More effective memory clean up after image processing gives reduced program memory footprint

2.2.8 - September 12, 2004

Added remaining time indicator (request by mdvbilt).

2.2.7 - September 05, 2004

Bug fix only - No repeats option stopped working after last update. My thanks to jwd_jr2004 for reporting the problem.

2.2.6 - August 10, 2004

Added external editor to preferences (request by KarenC)

Added delete file to pop up

Added Open for editing to pop up

Modified MessageBox function so it displays the box in a sensible place if the window would be off screen

2.2.5 - July 11, 2004

Modified help and About screen to include details of the new AWC support forum.

2.2.4 - July 05, 2004

No changes to software but the support address has been changed. I'm ditching the domain when it expires in August because I'm sick of all the spam.

2.2.4 - June 07, 2004

Added option to display only the file name when Show filename is turned on (request by Oscar Moreno).

Added ability to set the action when the user double clicks the tray icon (request by Danny McClatchey).

Please note that these most recent options don't have a command line setting yet as I'm running out of letters to use. I'll have a bit of a think a try to work out something logical(ish).

2.2.3 - April 29, 2004

Added the option to restart the display process automatically when all the pictures in AWC's list have been displayed. You previously got a warning message telling you to press the Start button. In any event this is only relevant if you've also selected the No repeats option too. This was added at the request of Arno.

2.2.2 - April 09, 2004

Added Apply button to the preferences screen.

Added /NOSPLASH command line option at the request of anonymous.

2.2.1 - March 11, 2004

Fixed very weird bug that could crash the program with some very weird errors indeed. My apologies to anyone who suffered.

Also updated installation program so that the tiling and positioning settings used in AWC are properly cleaned up on uninstallation.

2.2 - March 05, 2004

Big change to the interface. The Options menu was getting very long and unmanageable so I've removed it and implemented a preferences screen instead. This means the users can make multiple changes and apply them in one hit rather than keep going back to the menu. Just pick Preferences from the File menu.

Added stretch to full screen option 'cos people keep asking for it.

Best fit check box removed and stretching option is now available from the Preferences screen.

Filtering by file specification is now available on the Preferences screen and is persistent. Previously only available from command line.

The splash screen now only displays if AWC is not already running.

Splash screen now disappears after a maximum of ten seconds even if AWC is still in the middle of processing the start sequence.

2.1.1 - February 21, 2004

Added a splash screen.

Added Preserve File List option.

Added Show File Name option.

2.1 - January 25, 2004

Removed the third party graphics library I was using to read files and replaced it with the excellent Open Source library FreeImage, which is covered by the GNU public licence.

Fiddled with the interface to make it a bit cleaner and less clunky.

Added sharpening filters to enhance image quality.

Changed the tiling settings so that all files can be tiled even after resizing.

Added an Edit menu and moved the copy to clipboard functionality there.

Added facility in edit menu to open the current image in its default editor.

2.0 - December 19, 2003

This is a major update as I have removed the old, third party, graphics engine and written one myself from scratch. The new system is wholly written in VB and uses Windows GDI for all processing. As a result I've been able to introduce bilinear resampling to produce a huge quality improvement when resizing files.

Added Shrink large pics to fit option.

Modified tiling algorithm so that small files will be tiled, rather than resized, even if Best fit is turned on.

1.6.0 - October 12, 2003

I discovered that the method I'd used to store the list of files for display resulted in a limit to the number of entries of 32767 files. I've changed the methodology so the limit is now in excess of two billion. A nice bonus is that filling the list is now a lot quicker too.

At the request of Uzik in the EAW forum I've added a new option so that AWC can check for newly added files in its source directory and below on each change of the wallpaper.

1.5.5 - September 28, 2003

Added /O command line switch at Mark Holden's request.

Added /L command line switch.

1.5.4a - August 16, 2003

I've finally figured out why versions of Windows 98 didn't change the wallpaper. Suffice to say I'd boobed. There are no changes to the software itself; just to one of its components. Hence the addition of a version letter rather than an increase in version number.

1.5.4 - July 03, 2003

Got a lot of feedback about Use Earliest Date option, requesting more control. Have updated so that you can filter files by date depending on the modification date being before or after a user defined date, or by the age of the file being older or younger than a given age in days. The /E command line option has been removed as /A is used instead.

Clear On Exit option updated so that the positioning flags are reset to windows defaults. Previously any positioning was retained which could muck things up if you used another tool to set the wallpaper (shame on you!). Thanks to Mark Holden for spotting this.

Clear On Exit option updated so the wallpaper file that is actually displayed, AutoWall.bmp, is physically deleted from your hard disk.

Added functionality to recreate the tray icon in the event of Explorer crashing.

1.5.3 - June 27, 2003

Added Use Earliest Date option.

1.5.2 - June 8, 2003

Added Exit Immediately option to command line settings.

1.5.1 - May 17, 2003

Added Clear On Exit option.

1.5.0 - May 14, 2003

Added full command line switch settings to override all saved settings.

1.4.0 - May 10, 2003

Added ability to tile small files when not in Best Fit mode.

1.3.6 - April 12, 2003

Added support for PNG, PCX, TGA, RLE file formats.

Changed name of installation file to AWCSetup.exe instead of simply Setup.exe: another suggestion by Mark Holden.

1.3.5 - March 25, 2003

Added Restart On Not Found facility to options in response to a request by Mark Holden.

1.3.4 - March 17, 2003

Added facility so that if the user launches a second instance of AWC, with a new source directory specified, the original instance is shut down and the new source used instead. Credit to Mark Holden for this modification, inspired by his idea to create a file association to AWC on a folder so that it appears in the context menu for the folder in Explorer.

1.3.3 - March 8, 2003

Added new setting to Options menu to prevent the AWC from redisplaying a picture it has already displayed in the current session. The current session is defined as the period of time elapsed since the program started or the Start button was clicked.

The change process is now suspended while the screen saver is running or if the screen is locked. Note that, on versions of Windows prior to Win2K, the suspend on screen saver functionality will only work properly if the Password Protected checkbox was checked when selecting the screen saver

1.3.2 - March 4, 2003

Updated so current file number indicator counts from 1 to FileCount instead of 0 to (FileCount - 1). Again thanks to Mark Walker for spotting this.

1.3.1 - March 3, 2003

Added ability for user to change the period type.

Updated Help menu to include an About option so user can check version number and support details.

Switched to Inno Setup Compiler for creating the installation program due to problems on some systems with the installation files created by the Visual Studio Package And Deployment Wizard. My thanks to Mark Walker for taking the time to report the problems he was having.

1.3 - February 23, 2003

First Public Release

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