Mark Holden's File Association Notes


(c) Copyright Mark Holden, 2003


It's easy to create an association for AWC with folders.. then a right click can use your command line option for ANY folder on the fly.. however
AWC needs to allow this without giving the already running error, I.E. it needs to check to see if there's a command line argument and re-start
using that new command if it exists.. otherwise the error message is needed.

Otherwise it's a really cool program!

Oh another XP bug I found... while creating this association there are two file types.

"File Folder" and

however in the system registry their key names are

"Folder" = "Folder"
"Directory" = "File Folder"

I added AWC to the "File Folder"/"Directory" key using folder options and then XP decided that either AWC or "Find" had to be the default
folder action. because the Directory key is first in the registry.

The key with the "open" command is called "Folder" and because it's later in the registry it ignores making anything in it the default action.

Anyhow I had to totally delete the "find" key to force the "open" back to default.... so make sure anyone making this association uses the
"Folder" key and NOT the "File Folder" key


Greetings... here's a screen dump of the exact registry key that gets messed
up and how it must look for proper functioning under WinXp.

To clarify, People creating Folder Associations should use the file type
"Folder" and NEVER alter the file type "File Folder"

The "Folder" file type contains the default "Open" association as well as
some others and can be added to without problems... HOWEVER

Being a system created file type.. you are NOT allowed to remove
associations from it once you create them... to do this you have to use

Unfortunatly I tried creating a new file type entry for folders and while it
allowed me to it then directed me to the existing "folder" type and my new
entry was added there...

Basically this just means users should carefully check their AWC syntax
before finishing as your not even allowed to edit your own entry once you
close the file type window.

(P.S. I would have added a screen capture of the correct entry but as I just
mentioned your not allowed to edit it once it's closed)