Hot Keys

You can assign hot keys, a unique combination of keys such as CTRL + ALT + G, to some of the AWC functions where you would normally need to select a menu item or click a button. The functions that are available are shown in the list. The combination should be at least two of the keys CTRL, ALT and SHIFT plus a normal, alpha-numeric key.

To assign a hot key first click on the action you want; this should put your text cursor in the textbox where you can type in the key combination you want. Press your preferred combination, say CTRL + SHIFT + Z, and a texttual representation of what you pressed appears in the box. Click the Assign button to update the list with your selection.

There are two thing to note when assigning hot keys: if your combinations already in use by another program you will not be able to select it; if you just press a single key CTRL + ALT will be automatically assigned for you.