Program Operation

Run automatically on Windows log in

Causes AWC to be run automatically when you log into Windows.

No splash screen on program start

Stops the AWC splash screen being displayed when the program is started.

Check for updates

AWC will connect to the internet to check whether there there are any program updates available each time it starts.

Minimise AWC window when close button is pressed

When checked the user can click on the close button and the program reacts as if they had clicked on the minimise button instead. This is useful for avoiding accidenatally shutting down AWC when you reeally meant to close it. When set you will need to close the program by selecting Exit from the file menu or on the notification tray pop-up menu.

Remember window position between sessions

AWC's main window position and size will be remembered and restored next time the program starts.

Reset timer on resume from stand by (allows time for wireless to reconnect)

When a computer goes into standby it disconnects any wireless network connections. Often, when the computer starts up again, it takes a little while for the wireless connection to reestablish itself. If you have asked AWC to display images located on a network drive these images will not be available until your wireless connection is back up. As a result if AWC detects that the amount of time that has elapsed since the last image change is greater than the time set for changing the image (usually the case if coming back from standby) , it will not be able to find any files and will report an error.

By setting this option AWC will reset its timer and wait until the normal time has elapsed before it tries to display another image. This should give your wireless connection enough time to reconnect.

Hide taskbar icon when minimised

Causes the icon that appears in the taskbar to disappear when AWC is minimised. This saves space on the taskbar and AWC can be controlled via the icon that appears in the notification tray. Windows 7 users should remember that notification tray icons are hidden by default so you may want to change the tray settings for AWC so that it is always visible.

Don't display wallpaper under taskbar

If you always have your Windows taskbar visible you will find that part of your wallpaper is covered by it. To avoid this use this setting to tell AWC to resize your images so that it is all visible above the taskbar.

Redisplay wallpaper if screen resolution is changed

Tells AWC that the wallpaper should be redisplayed if the screen resolution is changed.

Dbl-click icon

Allows you to set which pop-up menu option should be executed when you double click the icon in the system tray. Please note that on multi-monitor systems selecting Edit Pic as the option will mean that double clicking always opens the image on monitor number 1.

Program icon

If you don't like the icon that AWC uses (shame on you!) you can change it here. The filename must be of type *.ICO.