Standard Filtering (Folder View Only)

Normally all pictures in the specified source folders are selected for display. This page allows you to filter the list of files selected based on their file attributes. When you click the OK button after changing your filtering options, the list of files that will be used for display is automatically rebuilt.

Date Tab

Filter By Date

You can filter by a specific date or specify the age of the file. Turn on date filtering by checking the box labeled Filter by date.

Remember that the set of files that will be used is determined when you click the Start button. As a result your age setting will become out of date if the program is left running over night.

The Most recent only option has been provided to allow people with web cams to display the most recent capture on their desktops. You should ensure that the Check for new files ... option on the General tab is also checked.

Other File Properties Tab

Filter By File Name

If you turn on filtering by file name you can refine the set of files that will be selected by providing a file specification that uses the wildcard character * and ?. You can define more than one set of files by separating the file descriptions with a semi-colon. For example using *holiday*.jpg;*hul*.jpg will select all files containing either holiday or hul.

Filter By File Size

This allows you to ensure that small files, such as thumbnails, are excluded when selecting the files to display. Just type in the the smallest file size in bytes that you want. For example, if you only want files larger than 5kB in size just enter 5000.

Hidden Files And Folders

You can also specify that files that are marked as hidden or the contents of folders that are marked as hidden should not be used when building the file list

Exclude Folders Tab

Here you can specify one or more folders that should not be searched for images even if it is a subfolder of a folder that you have chosen as a an image source. For example, if you are using a folder called c:\pics\2011 as an image source which contains several folders, one of which is called Jimmys Stag Night and has amusing but embarrassing pictures that you don't want popping up on your monitor, just add c:\pics\2011\Jimmys Stag Night to the excluded folders list. No images from that folder or it's subfolders will be selected for display.

You can enter multiple folders to exclude: just put each folder on a new line in the list.